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A Farmer Plants Corn

They Know the process the seed needs to go through to become corn.

He knows he’s not going to wake up the next day and find corn cobs in his field the next day.

It’s a process of becoming…..

What does the corn know?

I cannot sit in this shell forever.

I must break out of here.

If it’s in the right environment, the seed swells and cracks its hard prison of its known world despite its fear.

It realizes I’m using up my reserves in here.

So, it puts a feeler down to find out what’s out there into the earth.

Down it plunges.

If it is lucky, the environment will be good at finding moisture and nutrients beneficial for growth.

What were those strange markings inside on my shell walls?

Then, Nature willing, It sticks its little green head out of its cocoon and orientates itself to the light.

Deeper its feet go grounding into the earth and it stretches further towards the light.

The seed may not know what it is becoming but it feels right and its nature is to expand.

It may get glimpses of tassels and long silky hair so unlike its undulating leaves.

Is this all there is to my life unfurling yet another long leaf?

What is this great itch emanating from my sides, where are my new leaves?

Wait, I think I’m dying, what are those sprouts coming from my sides?

Am I losing my leaves?

Ah…. I think this was what was inscribed in my shell…

Grow and reach your potential.

Trust the process.

Let it unfold.

Reach high up into the sky.

Bear fruit so others can remember too.

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