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Pathless Path

by Eric Blaser

The Pathless Path isn’t a plan or a map... it's about listening to the impulses in life for direction one step at a time.  

Eric wrote Pathless Path in response to finding a pathway through his ADD and Dyslexia challenges.  He realized his gift of presence came from the inability to focus and use his mind sharply like the majority of people around him in life to stay present.  So instead of setting goals and action steps, he learned to create powerful statements of intention and be in presence to life and circumstances and allow it to show up in his life. 

Who is the Pathless Path for?

People who live with uncertainty, like creatives & entrepreneurs, would likely benefit & enjoy this book. One who is grounded with a sense of worthiness, love for oneself & a trust that things will work out in the proper time. This book is for the person who is ready to break out of the mold, stop playing it safe in life & start living with trust in the flow & uncertainty of life. 

Forest Road

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