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Transition Coaching

If you're experiencing a mid-life crisis or a big change in your life and are not sure of how to move forward with it, transition coaching can be a really powerful way to navigate through such big life shifts. Having someone by your side, holding the light while you navigate through the unknown can be incredibly rewarding and a transformative way to deepen your relationship to life.

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When you're going through a transition, there is a death of who you thought yourself to be. It's an opportunity to discover who you are now.


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Nature Based Transition Coaching

Transitions in life happen to all of us.  Whether you’re leaving a relationship, going through a divorce, a proverbial midlife crisis, retirement, or are grieving a death, there comes a time and place to re-identify who you are.  At first, we'll explore where you are and who you've been. and then move through a letting go process for who you're becoming.

Ceremonies, acknowledgements, rites of passage mark these changes.  Periods of reflection and time alone especially in Nature allow for the old to surface. You may experience loss or face the fear of the unknown.  This is a temporary and an essential part of the path.  It might look and feel like the end.

What you might not see in this letting go process is the opportunity.  Like in Nature, there are cycles.  Seasons for growth and rest.  Both are essential.  There is always more.  Possibilities await.  In order to be ready for the next phase, you may need to experience the fullness of the transition. There is richness in this space. 

Experiencing the transition fully makes us whole and helps us deepen our experience of life.  It readies us for the next direction.  Nobody needs coaching but isn't it nice to travel down the road with another who sees you as you are and your potential.  Nature based coaching is often in person or on zoom, outside, often strolling down some path or sitting in the woods.

This work is all about learning how to be comfortable with the unknown, which is pregnant with opportunity.  Eric, Author of the book, Pathless Path can coach you through the emptiness and uncertainty that is unique to you. Once the fields have been tended, true inspired action can move through you to co-create with the circumstances and events described in the book.  A bold inspired action can move you forward. 

Your work may involve reevaluating your goals, values, desires and passions.  Understanding your personality as preference both with its skills and limitations. Looking at your life as a story helps put things into perspective into the next right action in your life.

How do you know if this work is right for you?

In order to live the life that's waiting for you, you have to give up the life that you planned. It's time to surrender and let go of what you once knew. This may feel like an exciting yet terrifying endeavor.


PAUSE. Take a deep breath. It's not nearly as terrifying when you have someone guiding you who has been through it before. Eric works with entrepreneurs, creatives and artists to create their own map... Following their own inspiration and body as a guide.


When you’re kicking and screaming and want to give up on it all and play safe, working with Eric will help to bring you back to your center and encourage you to trust your own internal guidance.  It's all about learning how to walk the Pathless Path.


The turning point on Eric's journey was getting help and support… having someone who had already gone through what he was going through helped him gain clarity within himself during such big transitions in his life was incredibly valuable.

What sets Eric apart from other coaches and mentors is his knowing that each individual has a very unique path. Truly when it comes to individualization, there is no formula. All these books out there where they give you three steps to improve your life, they are missing a huge piece of the puzzle... your uniqueness. Eric sees you as an individual.


Eric's decades of experience working with clients in horticulture has lead him to weave this Nature into his work with people. Every tree has different needs… even the same species, it depends on the environment and the trauma that the tree endured makes the tree unique. With this being the case, you can’t just apply a fixed, set formula to see results.


Eric's experience creating gardens for people for the last 30 years has allowed him to practice listening to people as individuals and create gardens that are unique to them. He helped them create the garden that they’d love to see rather than implementing his own style… also known as a formula.


By helping you connect more deeply to your body's wisdom, Eric will help you discover the direction you need to go to really thrive. Eric holds the lantern next to you while you discover the pathless path. He doesn’t pretend to have it all figured out. He doesn’t know what the answers are... he's just here holding the light so you can see it.


When you’re grounded in the love of yourself, that is your anchor. You’re worthy. You’re enough. You’re capable.

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