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Eric's Philosophy

I believe we live in a benign universe where our ideal life is also searching for us.  Everyone has a gift of which, only you can uniquely bring into the world.  Your job is to find that gift, despite the fear and doubt.  This is where you grow!  After all, who do you think those whispers are talking to?

Time alone in nature is essential to hear these whispers from within.  It's normal to feel lost and not sure which direction to take.  This is a NORMAL part of the process of growth and expansion.  Nature can reflect back to us where we are by what we see.  

By reevaluating aspects of your personal preferences of personality, values, relativity and passions, you can reconnect to what inspires you.  This allows you to pick up the thread of your life and continue your story into the next phase of your life.  

When you start from the place of not knowing, everything is open to you.  Inspiration comes naturally and effortlessly from within where you create a life out of the circumstances, events, places and people in your life.  This is the pathless path. 

About Eric

Eric Blaser is a writer, coach, mentor & horticulturist living on a small island in the San Juans of Washington State with his black cat, Pookie-Anne. He enjoys gardening and working with clients coaching them through life transitions, encouraging and supporting them to find the life that works for them.


Eric Blaser left Portland, OR after 28 years for a sabbatical to re-evaluate life renting a cabin in the woods on an island in Puget Sound. Nothing went as planned but a life emerged in alignment with his true Nature.

After working for 40 years in horticulture, Life was calling for more. Conflicted, realizing after 50, life wasn’t satisfying anymore. Something inside wanted out.  He heard the call to go to a small island community in Puget Sound.  He realized his life needed reevaluation.  Who am i Now?. He took a random job on the island completely different than anything done before which awakened more of his true nature and the message and understanding of the pathless path. 


In getting real and honest with himself, he realized that he didn’t choose to be in horticulture but it was an escape into plants to deal with his chaotic family life.  Plants cause and effect made sense and he began to seek refuge in Nature which became a substitute for people. Because of his early experiences and decisions he made about himself around his ADD and undiagnosed dyslexia, he chose a career in horticulture. Nature is so forgiving. 


With this new information, he realized his one of his biggest wounds was missing nurturing.  He realized the very core of his nature was be a nurturer the very thing he didn’t receive.  In our deepest wound and challenges is a gift and ability because we know what it is like.  We know that pain. He is learning how to give himself the love and respect he didn’t get when he was young. The natural response is to coach and mentor others who are seeking to create a life that’s in alignment with who they are and to bring their gifts into the world. .

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